Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Jane Austen Community Story Quilt

I am so honoured and delighted to have my work included in a wonderful project organised by the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, United Kingdom.

The Jane Austen Community Story Quilt was unveiled in an event at the Learning Centre of the Museum on Saturday, 10 March. 

I have highlighted the position of my nine inch block, in the top row, second from the left.

I was asked to represent the houses in Jane Austen’s novels.  This had special significance for me, as all of the quilts in my Jane Austen Quilt Collection are named after these houses in “Pride and Prejudice” and now in “Emma”.

You may recognise the names of some of my quilts embroidered around my appliqué Regency style house.

All of the blocks were made by Jane Austen fans and groups from around the United Kingdom and the world.

The quilt is over 100” x 60” and contains 57 different blocks.

Each block is framed with plain blue sashings and simply quilted.  Many blocks are exquisitely detailed.

More details about the quilt can be found here.  

Thank you to Lucy Bailey, the Project Manager and the Museum for including me in this very special project.

Retreat in Blackheath

I had a great time teaching about 60 lovely ladies over the course of three days at the Anne Sommerlad retreat in Blackheath.  
The venue was great and the food supplied by the Blue Mountains Rotary Sunrise group was delicious.

Plenty of room for three separate teaching areas for myself, Deborah Louie and Anne Sommerlad.

Here is Deborah’s stall of patterns displaying her work.

Anne’s display of patterns.  Very professional!

Here is my display.  All these patterns are available from my website.

Here I am demonstrating to one of my classes.  Many ladies had never tried English paper piecing so I was happy to share all my techniques.  
I think I might have made some converts!

The Community Hall was located in a beautiful park.  Just touches of autumn leaves turning.

I found some amazing mushrooms.

Here are Lynne, Denise and Christine showing progress made on their “Granny’s Garden” Folder Cover.

Rotary provided all of the catering and proceeds from the raffles went to Libby Bleakley’s project in East Timor, The Timor Learning Centre which includes a Sewing Centre for the local women to learn new skills and make some money from their sewing. Great work everyone.

My thanks to Anne Sommerlad for inviting me to teach at this retreat.  I had a great time!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Start of the Triple Treat Retreat

I am teaching at a three day retreat in the beautiful Blue Mountains town of Blackheath.  Organised by Anne Sommerlad, I am teaching with Anne and Deborah Louie.

I set up a stall of my work to showcase my patterns and template kits.

Cordelia cushion and Carlisle Sewing Ensemble.

Lambton quilt and D’Arcy Cushion.

Longbourne in the background.

Pemberley and Sheherazade Table Runner.

Shirley Sewing Set And Spikes and Specks

This was the production line of putting together the 70 kits required for my teaching project.  
Thanks to Sharon, Jan, Glenda and Julie for doing this for me.

Here is my “Granny’s Garden” Folder Cover Project everyone is making.

Lots of activity happening in the Community Hall.

More tomorrow.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Jane Austen Whitecroft Tour September 2019

I am very excited to be joining Whitecroft Traditional Tours on a “Life and Times of Jane Austen” tour in September 2019.

This is a magnificent tour, organised to perfection and led by amazing women.  
I have had the privilege to attend two of these tours and would go again tomorrow if I could.

Here are some of the highlights.

More information available here.